i would like to share to you, about the Montano family. This family has been taught before but they stopped going to church because they are offended by a church member. Me and my companion did not gave up on them, we still visited them, even though brother Arman wouldn’t talk to us anymore, but we still persevere to still love them and continue visiting them. I believe that through reading the book of mormon and the assignments that we leave to them, Brother Arman did change. Our prayers and fasting for this family had been answered. Brother Arman started listening to us and the whole family started to go again to church. As we set family home evenings at their home, their is a gradual change in this family, and Brother Arman, as we invited him to gave the closing remarks, at first he was hesitant but because of his testimony about the book of Mormon, because he is reading it everyday and he is bringing it to his work, he did gain a strong testimony about that book and from that time on, he is always happy to share his testimony during our teachings. His testimony about his repentance process had made me strive to become a stronger and diligent missionary. This is a testimony builder for me, seeing the many miracles I’ve witnessed here, i now understand more why i came on my mission, why i am here, its not because i want to be a good example for my siblings but because of these people like the Montano family. I now much more understand what it means to forget yourself and go to work. I much more understand the Law of consecration. I know that this work is not all about us, its about God’s children whom He wants to return to Him and live in His presence. I want to be the missionary that my Father in Heaven wants me to be.

I am so excited everyday to find more people to teach, I want to find people like the Montano family. I know that this is the Lord’s work, I know that Joseph Smith is called of God and that Prophet Thomas S. Monson is our living Prophet, I have no doubt about that, and that our mission president is called of God to guide the cavite mission to the promised Land.
I love my companion Sister Perez, she taught me a lot of things, and i would cherish it for the rest of my life. I love the people whom i served here, the members, investigators and the people we talked to every day. i just love being a missionary.12


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  1. Great message. It is so wonderful to see people change because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even you are changing. Keep up the good work by spreading His word.

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