D – distractions

okay, I’m going to confess to you that there were so many distractions that has come my way lately. Since i’ve decided to serve a mission, so many things that happened to myself which I’m supposed to be doing and some shouldn’t do.

i’ve had so many excuses to read the scriptures everyday, to study the PMG book, and attend PMG class, my prep for mission class, working with the missionaries, and sometimes praying before going to bed.  See how extremely distracted I am for not focusing in going on a mission. I cant say that I’m a busy person. Im very disgusted of myself for not doing things pertaining to my mission. I let Satan took control of my life, that I’m starting to dwell with the vain things of the world and not prioritizing things that has something to do with eternal life. some would even say, are you really going on a mission? I was really upset when I was asked that question. It’s all my fault, that I’ve chosen to be this way.

But there’s one thing I’ve seen good about my situation is that I’ve learned that there’s a big difference between not choosing the right and disobeying. I’ve also realized how Heavenly Father loved me dearly, that He’s always there standing beside me and not giving up on me no matter how disobedient I have been. I can feel my Heavenly Father’s love towards me.

One things for sure now, I will still continue to do my best to prepare for my mission. I know its never too late to prepare for it. I only have 33 days left. Everything will be okay.


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