opening my mission call


i opened my mission call and surprised my mother with this white envelope just 2 days before the Christmas day.

this monday evening, Dec. 23, 2013, my siblings and i went to the airport to fetch my parents arriving from Manila. on our way to the airport i was really silent and not talking to anybody else, they might thought i’m not in the mood to joke around and mad at them, but i’m not, i was just nervous, and reflecting myself if i could do this, being a sister missionary, if i could serve the Lord diligently and if i could follow all the rules in the mission field, thoughts like that came to my mind, all the negative thoughts came. and i am trying to overcome it because hours from that time i’ll be opening my mission call, and i should be intune with the spirit. i am  trying to overcome my expectations on where i will be called, i’m afraid i will be disappointed with my mission call, i prayed that Heavely father would take aways that negativity away from me.

when we arrived home, i quickly made my way to the living room, picking my call and showing to my mother

when my she saw my mission call she was really crying and I decided to open it quickly so the emotions would take over the scene.. hahaha

can’t believe this is happening, reading my mission call, this is my dream, my goal that i want to achieve and now i have it.

so when i read it loud in front of my parents, i felt happiness, and relieved when i knew where i’ll be serving my mission,

i will be serving in Philippines, Cavite Mission.

its awesome, because before i open my call, i made a guess that i might be assigned to cavite mission,

totally mesmerized when i read my assigned mission… woooohh..

the best #Christmasgift ever….

so i’ll be updating you guys soon..

we’ll be leaving for siquijor tomorrow, my papa made this plan of going back to his province for family bonding purposes, so that would mean, its gonna be a great vacation for me and the family. no cellphones, no signals, no internet connection.. unplug everything..


i love my Christmas day, my wish list came true, in just 1 week. haha. my papa’s homecoming, my mission call and a vacation to siquijor.. all check.

bye guys,

love ❤



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