i got my mission call

hey friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got my MISSION CALL… can’t believe i said that.

ya ya yah  so happy & excited &  freakin out, but i have to wait until my parents are here tonight,  i cant wait till this night. gosh!!!

Its funny how I got my mission call, coz when I and my family attend the sacrament we are so late and when we sat down at the front sit and I saw the stake president, I  told myself my call must have been here, but that thought quickly disappear in my mind when the bishop called me to say a closing prayer without prior notice I was really shocked when the bishop pointed out to his side where my mission call is laid, i want to scream and shout and giggle but i cant because i was in front of many members – at the pulpit, 🙂 i was really shaking, and my hands begun to sweat, cant explain, i almost cried, but i’m trying to make myself calm until the sacrament ends… gosh, it was really a precious experience the moment i held my mission call, it was divine..

my mission call has arrived at the right time, just three days before the christmas, and 1 day before my parents come home, everything sets in perfect place, my plans are not Heavenly fathers plan, i know He has plans for me, and i wanna follow it, i thought it wont come, but i put my trust in Jesus Christ, and glad i made it.

i’ll let you migs know, when i open it tonight, i wanna surprise my parents later,,Image


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