friends on a mission!

my friends who are on their lds missions.
Elder Maloloy-on & Sis. Tibungcog. That is me at the center. wink*
This is Elder Baisaac assigned to labor in Olonggapo mission.
Elder Mapute (white in English) 😉

I am grateful to have friends who share the same standards and values as I had. They had been through what I had been now, as I was preparing for my mission. I always make sure that I send them message so that they would be energized and that they will always remember that they are not forgotten. I know missionary work will never be forgotten, and  it will always be acknowledge.

I am patiently waiting for my call, hopefully it will arrive next week. I am really dying to get my call, and I am really struggling on my expectations on where will I will be serving, I am really praying hard to take away this expectations from me.  My stake president told me not to put so much expectations on where you will go and who you will serve because the place you will be called is the place where the Lord needs you.  I will never ever forget that.

So right now, I’m keeping my self busy so I would forget how the time flies so slow..eekkk

i am really dying for my call..

my call is already in the area presidency! WOW! i’m freakin’ out. and it should be here next week.!


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