why will you serve a mission??


note: I’m not sure if someone would be reading this, but just to let you guys know how it goes…

I have been asked this question several times, so I think its expedient that I should write down some thoughts I had, when answering this question.

So here we go..

My journey to decide whether to serve a mission or just stay home was really hard, it was a challenge for me. Even until now as a pre-mish like me still don’t fully understand why I am going on a mission, and I will never know until I’m out there on my mission. So here are some of the reasons and some “not” the reasons why I decided to go on a mission.

some selfish reasons before I really pondered about it:

  • I might go somewhere exciting
  • I wanted to set a good example for my younger brother
  • I want to know the gospel better
  • I want to challenge myself
  • Grabbing an advantage or to have a training in being the best mother in the future.
  • I wanna be like those cool RM’s that I’ve met

But after I examined my motives of why i will go on a mission I realized that I think this is not what missionary work is all about, its all about Heavenly Father’s children. Missionary work is not all about ourselves. Gordon B. Hinckley’s story tells, “FORGET YOURSELF AND GO TO WORK.”

So these are DIFINITELY the main reasons why I will go on a mission.

  • because I’ve seen the joy the gospel has brought to me and my family and i want to share it with other people.
  •  I love the  Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father
  •  I know this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do and what He wants me to be.
  • All the promptings in my life after 2 years of praying about it pointed out toward a mission.
  • I want others to have this restored gospel so that they can also be with their family forever.
  • I felt the urge to go
  • I love serving God, and I love this work.
  • This is one way of showing gratitude to my father in heaven by telling His children that they are loved by Him more than they could imagined.
  • I was like being cornered by Jesus Christ for almost 2 years of my life, in everything I do and everywhere I go, I always think about it everyday and I’m so glad he didn’t give up on me.

I also have some “NOT” the reasons, in case you don’t know! hahah….

I am serving a mission NOT because,

  • I feel pressured
  • other girls are going on a mission too
  • to be famous
  • to go to a foreign place and to learn new language
  •  i am not yet married
  • i have nothing to do with my life or avoiding something
  • i am bored with my life
  • and definitely I am NOT serving for myself

Some would say,  “it would be a waste of time, or you don’t need to go, just let the men do that”, but I think I can’t just sit here knowing that what you have right now can help change someones lives for the better and will help them fully understand and learn the plan of our Father in heaven for us, the Plan of salvation or the Plan of Happiness.

I look forward on my mission and to be able to help others to feel God’s love towards each of us, by inviting others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

At first I am hesitant to go, but I was unsettled about not serving so I made up my mind, and felt compelled to go and with the help of the holy ghost, that’s why I came up with this decision, big, big, decision of my life.

Missions are not for our selves but I will go because of my love towards the savior Jesus Christ.

love ❤



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