Never ignore a prompting of the Holy Ghost!

Hey guys,

just wanna tell you  a story about what happens when you ignore a prompting of the Holy Ghost.

At work– the check I issued bounced last week, because I ignored a prompting. I am really hesitant to issue that check and that I felt that i should not continue to do it, but I still did. I was terrified and shaking the moment I knew it.

Right then, I prayed to my Heavenly Father to guide me and to tell me on what should I do.

That night, before I go to sleep I texted my papa, I poured out myself telling him that I am scared and nervous.

I felt relief.

As i woke up, I received a message from him. He told me, to just be calm coz he is sure that I did not intend to do it, and that in a job we always commit some mistakes. And that I just have to pray,  and to not worry because He will pay for the penalty,  just “tell mama”.

All I did that morning was cryinggg, baby!

I cried, and cried..

That was the first time I told papa about my problem.

I cried because I felt how I was loved by my papa, and the whole family,

everyone is concerned of me..

I learned a lot from this experience,

that I should

never EVER ignore a prompting!


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