My decision is final! no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing…

I can feel that Satan is really working 24/7, now that I already passed my papers. He is doing his best to destroy an individual especially those who is potential in declaring the gospel unto the nation.

There are mixed emotions that I don’t like feeling it. I feel again the fears i felt before i made my final decision to go on a mission, but i know that Satan has no power over me now to tempt me not to go,  because it has been my plan now, because I prayed to my Heavenly Father about it, because I am firm, because I love to go and serve the Lord by sharing this wonderful gospel that I have in my life.  So Satan, Please stop what your planning to do because this missionary work is bound to happen to me and that you don’t even have a body!!

So I’m starting to read the Book of Mormon again everyday, I’m now at Mosiah, I should finish it with understanding before I go on my mission. I have been interviewed by my bishop last Sunday for a temple recommend so hopefully next week I’ll have an interview with the stake president.

Looking back to my old pictures, (eek, not too old), I realized how the gospel really changes my life for the better. If it wasn’t because of the missionaries who patiently knocked on our door for the second time, we wouldn’t have this amazing gospel in our life.

My family is so precious to me, they are my most important people in the world , so when i learned from the missionaries that families can be together forever, it gave me hope that even when we die here on earth we could still be family in the next life through family sealing and I’m happy that me and my mama already got a temple recommend, she told me that we will be endowed together!!  so happy about that. My papa is working abroad, so we’ll be waiting for him no matter what. I know he loves us his children, but there are things in life that  we need to be patiently waiting, because i know that its gonna be worth the wait the moment we will be sealed as family for eternity.

I’ve got so many advices from my teacher and friends after they knew that I’ll be going for a mission. I’m grateful for the leaders who’s been a great example for me to stand in holy places and in keeping my standards high.

I’ll be writing more for the next days of my preparation, I know it would take long for me to get my mission call, but I have to  prolong my patience, as it will be tested in my mission too. So it’s part of my mission prep.

hek hek! whoever is reading this, and if there is, i know I’m always talking about Missions, but please bare with me, I love talking about it. I am super duper excited to go but of course i also need to do some huge changes in myself. I am really overwhelmed by the things I need to do, but it’s okay. I know I can do this.

I love my savior Jesus Christ and I believe that the gospel makes me happy and it needs to be proclaimed to the other daughters and sons of our Heavenly Father. I know, the Book of Mormon is true, I’ve read it and ponder it. I know that “no unhallowed hand can stop the work of Lord from progressing.

Love Des ❤


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