last day as a 20 year old girl!! y.o.l.o.


Good morning everyone, so today is a wonderful day, I just cant describe my feeling, it seems like I forgot what happen to my mama and papa last night, they were having trouble,  I don’t know if it’s true, but my heart aches when I saw mama crying, so I cried too. My whole world seems to crash, when I got home, totally had a breakdown. I thought I have a perfect perfect parents. Expectations are too high.

I thought they had a fairytale-like story. I feared that one day, I will find It hard to trust someone. But they already fixed everything that night. And now its alright again, like nothing happened.

What a lovely morning, I already heard Christmas song from our neighbor’s, it was indeed Christmas season.

So my birthday is coming so soon, I cant imagine how fast time flies, where did the time go?? It seems like yesterday I blow my 18candles, and now I’ll see the digits 2-1 at the top of the cake. Oh gosh! Its time to be responsible in everything I do. Well, I think I’ve no problem with that, I have always been responsible with what I do.

So gotta go now! Need to do my duty.

When you left your room this morning did you think to pray.? Yes I did.

There were so much blessing to be thankful of, than to ask God for what we need. JUST BE GRATEFUL !

here are a collage of my pics for my birthdays that had passed.. naja..

oh, I'll be turning 21 tomorrow! gosh. where did the time go??
oh, I’ll be turning 21 tomorrow! gosh. where did the time go??



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