DECISIONS! Its tough.

Being a single adult is one of the hardest part of my life, unlike when I was a young woman coz i tend to just rely from my mother’s advices, telling me what to do, from what should i wear, where should i go, what is the next thing to do.  I am independent from my mothers instructions and advices for me, she’s directing my life since i don’t know what is the right thing to do. My mother really played a big role in my life and I am just thankful for my Heavenly father for giving me such a wonderful parents. My father was working abroad as a seaman, so he’s not always here every time there’s a special occasion, whenever we have emotional and health problems, but through skype he always make sure that we are safe and checks us if we’re home. My father is really an amazing papa to us.

So, let’s get back to the topic, its been really hard for me this time. I already graduated from college and after 2 mons., i got a good job. And what’s next? I am just 19 when i finished my college and now I am 20 years old almost 21, I donno what’s next. There are many options I have now, but good thing, i’m not tied yet. yehah!


  1. Should i go abroad?
  2. Should i stop working to spoil my biggest ambition, which is to travel and go for adventure? or should i switch to new career that i am passionate about?
  3. who should i date.
  4. who should i marry?
  5. what kind of life i want?
  6. should i serve a mission?

Now that I’ve grown up from ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, life get’s harder, at the same time it’s fun to have this choices.

In Philippine culture the only “favor” our mother asked us here, is to finish our studies, and after that we could do all that we want. I thought it was easy after i finished my studies, I thought i could do what i want but that’s not how life is treating me now. I should decide on my own now, but am a little bit afraid of the consequences in every decisions i will make. I always prayed to Heavenly Father for guiding me in everything i do, and what path should i pursue. I know He is guiding me as much as my earthly parents cared for me.

from left: that's me and my best friend who happens to have the same name as mine, she's also desiree
from left: that’s me and my best friend who happens to have the same name as mine, she’s also desiree

Love Desiree ❤


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